Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hidden Symbols

I love to read books, watch movies and documentaries about history. I love to discover things about our past and see the connections of it on our present time. History keeps me veru active and alive, specially when the topic is about the connections of the world history to other local history, it may sound weired for others but well I enjoy it. Honestly, if only I am not thinking practically I might take Archeology or History as my course in college. But by the way enough with my "history-lover talk", actually I will be talking about not actually History but a part of it.

While watching the National Treasure movie 1 and 2 starring Nicolas Cage, I actually noticed some symbols that I am familiar with one of these is the unfinished pyramid with the all-seeing eye on top of it. The first time I saw that sign was when I am reading the Da Vimci Code of Dan Brown, and actually that's already got my attention. Well, I know that the all-seeing-eye and the pyramid is quite known to the public as a famous Christian symbol and one of the most famous seal found in the US dollar, but I wonder I many movies are using these symbols. I actually found and have watch movies that are not actually about history or Christianity but using these symbols although sometimes are redesigned or abstracted on a new seal or logo.

to be continued...

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Monday, April 12, 2010


Studying is not easy. Every student like me know that, but is studying is not just that thing. Studying is the exciting and challenging part of our young life, everything seems to be a new discovery and unforgettable memories was really one in a million chances. Well this will be the first thing I will publish to my blog. Just visit my account and wait for my new articles.